Please bear with me, I am new to blogging as I am sure you will be able to tell. I did purchase “blogging for dummies” so you can see how serious I am about all this. Shame I have lost said blogging guide in my shit heap of a house. Oh well, I shall learn as I go along.

Anyway, I am a mum to twin boys who have just turned one. I am due to return to work next week and after an eventful 13 months off work I have decided it’s time to actually start what I have been meaning to write.

Having twins was a complete surprise (as was the pregnancy to be fair!) along with all the usual fears of pregnancy and the reality of bringing up not one but two little people, I was really worried about what I was going to do with my days. Maybe I made a rod for my own back but we started venturing out straight away. As a result the little buggers expected this daily, and I had to rack my brains and come up with places to take them. I was really concerned about the buggy not fitting in doorways, that I would drop one of them opening doors or that everywhere would be mega expensive.

I made the decision to start this blog/review site to help out other twin mums who are in the same predicament as me. It will also help mums with one baby too, because if my buggy fits through doors, yours will too and i’m sure we have all dropped our babies once haven’t we?!

I will give my opinions for what they are worth, and will be as open and honest as possible. All views are my own. Please feel free to comment, or contact me if there is anywhere you would like me to try out for you. If you have a business you would like us to visit, please get in touch also.

I really do hope you find this helpful, apologies for my lack of blogging skills (and my many grammatical errors) I hope this will improve with time.

Jenny xxcover