The Ice Cream Farm – Tattenall

Newton Lane, Tattenall, Chester, CH3 9NW


This place is the bollocks, we first visited The Ice Cream Farm when the boys were around 9 months and loved it, we went on a weekend and it was pretty busy so we decided to go again a couple of weeks ago, on a Tuesday, as Steven and I had a rare day off together. 


This a place really does have it all, it is free entry but you have to pay for most of the activities, of which there are plenty for children of all ages. You first enter and see a massive outdoor play area which looks like something straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We headed past this and went to the farm for a quick whizz round. Nothing major, a few sheep, some cockerels , rabbits etc but the twins love animals at the moment and have some animal noises down to a T, no doubt from the copious amount of times they have listened to Little Baby Bum’s rendition of Old MacDonald.

Next we headed to the soft play area, which is reasonably priced, under 12’s go free, under 3’s £3 and 3’s and over £3.75. It’s a decent soft play too, with a baby and toddler area and a bit for the bigger ones too. There is plenty of seating for grown ups to enjoy a coffee as their children run riot. Worth noting, during busier times it’s limited to an hour, but when we went mid week it was unlimited and we could re enter as many times as we wanted. Not that we did, but good to know. 

After soft play we headed to the Pantry which is next door for some lunch, Steven and I had a burger, which was fine, and the twins had jacket potato I think, or maybe sausages. Either way the majority ended up on the floor. Sorry to the cleaner who was watching over us like a hoping this faze of not eating much, throwing anything they don’t want on the floor and dribbling water down their chins and finding it hilarious won’t last much longer.

Next, we headed to the outdoor play area. This was the twins first walking expedition outside, there were a few trips and falls but they loved it, and I even got a bit emotional which is unlike me, heart of stone that I have, but was lovely watching Steven and Thomas having a stroll round the play area, though I secretly think they were scoping out ice creams. They loved the tunnels, obviously. Not sure what the obsession is but it was brilliant to watch.


Finally, we went into Honeycomb Canyon, we bypassed this last time but decided to give it a go. Not sure we were prepared enough. It is basically a huge room with sand and water and cogs and wheels. Had I known that the boys would automatically run for the deepest bit of water and trudge through it, then sit down I might have thought ahead and bought a towel, spare socks and shoes. Or even their swimsuits! Despite this they really enjoyed themselves. It’s great in there. Unfortunately, getting them dry afterwards was not so enjoyable. I had a set of spare clothing in the changing back, and one extra vest which we used as a make shift towel, no spare socks, so after the changing fiasco, we put them back in the buggy and covered their toes with my coat.

We decided due to lack of footwear and dark clouds looming,  that maybe it was time to head home, but not before Steven got some ice cream, I was good and passed. Though I had some last time and it was amazing. Every flavour you can think of.

To sum it up, this place is amazing, there is even more stuff to do should you want to, they have a race track, you can go on a JCB and dig up sand etc, they have crazy golf, gem sifting, birds of prey displays. You can purchase a play pass which softens the blow if your kids want to have a go on everything. If you haven’t been, make the trip. Just make sure you take a towel, and fresh socks so your children don’t end up looking like urchins like these two ratbags.