Eureka, Discovery Road, Halifax, HX1 2NE

Eureka has been on our list of places to visit for while now, i’d like to say for the twins and their learning, but really have been dying to go for myself really! We were lucky enough to have another day off as a family, midweek and not in the holidays so decided this was probably the time to go.

It didn’t take all that long to get there, and it is really well signposted. The car park is pay and display so make sure you take some pennies. Worth noting it is right next to Halifax train station so that’s definitely worth looking at too, and good to know if you aren’t a driver.

We took the buggy in with us, but this was our first outing with the reins. There were plenty of areas to dump your buggy in the museum, probably worth a mention though, some parts of the museum we would have struggled with the double buggy, though don’t let that put you off as the majority of the museum would have accomodated it.

Admission prices aren’t cheap, however, once you have paid you get an annual pass which allows you to visit as many times as you like during the year, which actually makes it a bargain. We will definitely be heading back.

There is so much to explore here, and all of it is very hands on. Downstairs, there is a child sized town, I got really excited is I thought there  was a M&S food hall where we could get some yummy lunch time treats, but alas, it was part of the exhibit. There were a few school parties who were really enjoying it. Not only was there a pretend M&S, there was a bank and a post office too .I swear if they had been there when I was little it would have been my dream day out! They also had a garage which was fab, you can climb in the cars and trucks and pretend to fill them with petrol. Pretty sure Steven and I liked this bit more than the twins. There is information as well about pollution and the importance of recyling which is great, and it is all done in such a fun way I would hope that kids will take it in and remember.

We then made our way into the sound and vision section, the twins loved listening to the big speakers and chasing the lights. In this part they have a little area specifically for babies and toddlers which was great. It had lots of areas for them to explore, we even tried on a little fancy dress, again, funny for us, not so funny for the boys who looked non plussed while running round half dressed as bees.

Upstairs was great too, it was all about the human body, you can step inside giant body parts, see how you will look when you are old (not my personal fave bit ;)) Luke’s favourite part of the day was pressing the button that emulated a massive burp, over and over again much to his amusement. And mine to be fair.

We then decided to have our lunch, which was reasonably priced and pretty good. Steven and I had burgers and the twins had baked potatoes. There was a decent selection and meal deals for the kids. There are plenty of areas inside and outside to have picnics if you prefer.

Outside, there is a static train where you can have your lunch and explore if you like, it was full of school children when we went for a nosy so we quickly scarpered. They also have a lovely little garden and a sandpit. The sandpit was a big hit, they probably ate more sand than they did baked potato.

Euerka is a top day out,  I cannot rate it enough. There is something for people of all ages and the fact we have an annual pass is great and we can’t wait to go again. I should have written this review straight away after we visited, as I am sure I have missed off loads of great stuff but my brain is frazzled!! (Does baby brain ever go?! I swear I am getting worse)

Don’t be put off by the distance , or the price. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Type Price
Children ages 1-2 £5.25
Adults & children ages 3+ £12.95
Babies under 1 £0.00

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